Sea Partners Navigation Ltd proud member of BIMCO

September 2020

Aiming at strengthening the company’s partnerships, 

Sea Partners Navigation Ltd mission is to provide top quality services for the maritime industry, and to do so, we choose BIMCO as our alliance. 

BIMCO member

BIMCO is the world’s largest direct-membership organisation for shipowners, charterers, shipbrokers, and agents. In total, around 60% of the world’s merchant fleet is a BIMCO member. The organisation has NGO status and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with offices in Athens, Singapore, and Shanghai. With around 1900 member companies across 120 countries – from the largest shipowners in the world to small local port agents and law firms, BIMCO represents a wide range of maritime companies and organisations. As a BIMCO member, we become part of an organisation that brings shipping people together to work for shared goals.

Sea Partners Navigation Ltd is honored to become a member of the big BIMCO family.

BIMCO is the world’s largest direct-membership organisation