not just a ship management company


To excel in ship management by generating partnerships of tomorrow!


To form a Pool with ship owners and manage vessels with traditional ship owning values, with in-house management qualities, efficiency, reliability, competitiveness and a primary target for safety of crew and assets, and environment apperception.

Doing Business

the right way! Sea Partners Navigation is not just a ship management company. We are ship owners and a maritime ship management pool, that aims to go beyond compliance, to drive our business segment.

Pool Model

Sea Partners Partnership where all shipowner members share the benefit from the ship management activities.

This will be assessed using a performance indicator assessment plan, which will also drive the quality and operational standard to the next level.

Ask how to become a pool member of the ship management.

Everything we do is driven from our passion for perfection!


Our commitment to vessel and crew safety is absolute, and backed
by the knowledge and focus of an experienced onshore team.


Sea Partners Navigation provides to shipowner partners, in-house
management with high quality technical management services,
being also cost-effective and transparent.


Latest-technology business systems support the technical team
to constantly monitor the efficiency of the vessel, identify areas for
improvement, conduct feasibility studies, and take action to optimize
vessel performance, in order to avoid off-hire periods.


A well-trained and motivated crew
is the industry’s best investment toward safer operations.


Safety is a key part of Sea Partners Navigation culture and we
take it very seriously, we continuously look for ways to improve and
undertake regular internal audits of all our ships and office.

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